Riotfest Chicago 2015 Line Up

We’re excited to join Riot Fest music festival again this year in Chicago. The line up is epic, don’t miss this one!

Bunbury Festival 2015 Line Up

Come check us out at Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 5, 6, and 7th. This will be our fourth year and it gets better each year. Killer line up, great venue in the park along the Ohio river, and good vibes all around. Our booth will be by the River stage. See you in a few weeks!

“In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the age of robotic graffiti was born. KATSU, a well-known graffiti artist and vandal, used a hacked Phantom drone to paint a giant red scribble across Kendall Jenner’s face on one of New York City’s largest and most viewed billboards. By all accounts, it is the first time that a drone has been deployed for a major act of public vandalism.” – Wired

Arthur Holland Michel

Read the full article on Wired.

Operativ Tactical Messenger Bag

Here is a sneak peek of a new bag we’re releasing this summer as part of our Operativ Tactical line up. It’s a messenger + laptop bag designed to be your go to bag for all different situations: whether it’s a weekend getaway, daily work bag, or for special missions. We’ve been putting ours through the paces over the past six months, and loving the size, functionality, and unmistakably “Operativ” style. It’s tough as nails and hands down our favorite bag of the line up– we think you’ll feel the same way! Check back over the next month for more photos, details and availability.

Check out Alex Magallan’s bangin part in the Dan’s Comp Roll Call DVD, recently released online. (Alex’s part begins at the 2:30 mark)


Photographer Cody York was recently out shooting with Bobby Simmons, and took some time to snap a bike check of his Cult AK set up. Check the photo gallery, details of what he’s running, and some info about sponsor changes for next year (more…)

Black on black embroidery detail

Check out our online store for detail and photos of the new Operativ Intel Polo Shirt. Featuring 100% ring-spun and combed cotton, black with grey contrast stitching, black chest embroidery, Operativ labeling, and an MKULTRA back print.

Visiting the pyramids in Egypt with locals. Photo: Simms

Operativ: Hey Brad, how’s is going? How’s Egypt treating you? Is this the first time you’ve been there?
Simms: Hey, alive and well.  Yeah, unfortunately this is my first time here but finally I persuaded myself into coming here.
Operativ: What’s the riding scene like there? Is there much street? Do you ever worry about getting arrested riding spots in other countries and getting locked up abroad?
Simms: There’s a really small scene here but there’s a few riders, good street spots that are far in between but if you’re creative you can make something happen. I never worry about getting locked up abroad for riding my bike, only overstaying visas, I have experiences when it comes to that, ha-ha-ha.
Operativ: Ha-ha, I heard about that! What country where you in again, and was that while you were filming for your edit in France? What happened exactly?
Simms: No, that was a few months back in China, much too long of a story, a story that cost me 1,500 dollars, a missed flight and way too many hours in the police station.
Operativ: Damn, that bit alone sounds bad enough! Where have you traveled to in the past six months?
Simms: Over the past six months my travels have taken me to China, Hong Kong, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Armenia, Georgia, Estonia and Egypt.

360 X-up in Budapest. Photo: Dani Kralik

Operativ: Where are you off to next?
I’ll be flying back to Germany.
Operativ: Why did you pick France to film your new edit?
Simms: I chose France a second time because my good friend Sebastian Prot lives in Paris, he did an incredible job on my Merritt / 5050 BMX video so I couldn’t say no.
Operativ: People say traveling the world changes ones perspective on life, how do you look at traveling?
Traveling to me is an addiction. It’s an addiction I picked up approximately 8 years ago. Like most people who had a good or (even) bad experience, you become hooked to this unknown adventure. For many, if not the majority of people traveling is simply a holiday, but for me it’s truly a way of life! You could almost say it’s become my destiny… America has it great! And even with all the stuff wrong in the country, we are very fortunate and privileged. But at the same time, there is vast beauty that can be seen, that money can’t buy—breathtaking landscapes that the poor and rich alike can enjoy. There are places people should go and see before they die because they are that amazing. Amazing in their simplicity, purity, variety, frugality, magnitude, and plainness … as well as in their abundance—and a lot of these places are not at all wealthy. It doesn’t matter, since the beauty of life is not about money.

Photo: Ewan

There are great people throughout the world with great things to offer and teach us. As much as there are scumbags everywhere, good people surround us everywhere, and there is nothing like the journey to find all of that out for your self. Think of yourself – your thoughts, emotions, judgments, goals, as a building under never-ending construction… It’s one of those projects that are never completed. But over the course of your lifetime you build it higher and higher adding layers of experience and understanding, and, thus, finally a story of wisdom. You will not only discover beauty in all its flavors, you will also feel humble and grateful for simply being, and you will realize how privileged you are that your senses allowed you to discover all of this while being a visitor on the amazing planet earth. In other words: take life and ride it until the wheels fall off!

Exploring the beauty of Thailand